ALVO TECHNOLOGIES offers are wide range of products and services to its clients which are as follows:

Web design and development:
With cutting edge technology, and an exquisite approach towards web design and development, whether it is for co operate or fun purpose, we are able to provide challenging designs and features.

Our expert SEO engineers are well skilled to make your websites most search engine optimized. We take care of all the SEO standards while creating the website. Mostly our clients enjoy the top ten rankings in the search engines.
We also provide SEO for already developed websites.

Desktop applications:
Inorder to cater your requirements for customized desktop applications to enhance the performance and efficiency of your company on various subject like HR, CRM, ACCOUNTS etc , the team of ALVO TECHNOLOGIES is all set to provide it expert services of desktop application development to you.

Mobile application:
With the rapid growth in the mobile/cellular network, we are capable of producing mobile applications of various sorts for various phones including iphone and black berry.

Web applications:
combining the aspects of website and desktop application, we provide you with the high quality web application experience.

Domain and Hosting:
To put our clients on the best web experience without the struggle of domain registerations and hosting at different places, we bring this service under same umbrella at most reasonable prices. We provide pre set packages as well as we can customize the packages acc: to client requirements.

The most important factor for any business big or small is its corporate ID, we accommodate the entire branding of client’s company which includes logo, stationary, website etc.

Created in flash as well as ppt, are highly interactive and user friendly presentations enable the clients to communicate and represent themselves in the most appropriate way and reach out to the onlookers. The presentations are totally customized and built only for the client considering client requirements.

Profile writing:
To help clients make their mark and presence felt in the market, we have trained and experienced writers, to compile the best profile contents for client companies.

3D designing:
Bringing all fantasies to realization our graphic,designers and animators accomplish the 3D demand. It includes still images as well as animations.

Print Media:
Designing of brochures, visiting cards, flyers, banners, clothes designing etc are attained through contemporary and creative art desiging. Every design is based on some conceptual aspect.

Event Management:
We specialize in conducting seminars, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, trainings and such other activities. The professional and highly educated staff of ALVO TECHNOLOGIES takes the responsibility to impart their expertise over such events.

Data Entry:
We can take up the task of data entry for your application in a very responsible manner.

Web master:
Since we specialize in web portals, you can choose us comfortably to administer your web portal consistently and constantly.

Hiring a team/an individual:
At ALVO TECHNOLOGIES we give you the most satisfied opportunity to hire a team or an individual for a particular period of time. This reduces the hassle to manage and hire employee(s) when the task is not for a very long time or for a very short time. There are different options for hiring that we provide. The hired team/employee is totally dedicated to your work during the hiring period.